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Sunday, 25 February 2018

Top Places To Score Bhang In Delhi NCR For Holi

Top Places To Score Bhang In Delhi NCR For Holi : According to me, Holi is one of the wildest Indian festivals. There are packs of kids heaving all around throwing water balloons at unassuming strangers, passersby being splashed by buckets of coloured water being thrown over them and desserts that will undoubtedly draw out the epicurean in you.


And as if all that was not enough for a single day, we Indians decided to throw another crazy element into the fold – bhang. Bhang, an edible preparation of cannabis, has been synonymous with Holi since the creation of this festival. It's been here since before the Vedic period (that's easily 2000 years) and is deeply associated with one of the chief Hindu Gods, Shiva. Shiva is also known as the "Lord of Bhang" and it is believed that Shiva was the first ever bhang creator and he did so when he found the plant in the Himalayas. Bhang is usually consumed with thandai, a sweet milk-based drink. Consuming bhang tends to lift one’s spirits and lower inhibitions, setting just the right mood for a festival like Holi.

So all the Delhiites? Want to know where can you find Bhang in your Delhi NCR? So here are the top places in Delhi-NCR where you can buy/ score bhang quite easily:

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Top Places To Score Bhang In Delhi NCR

1. Yusuf Sarai
Go to Yusuf Sarai and ask for "Mandir Vali Gali"- thats where you will find bhang. You can also find bhaang laced pakoras at this place which you should try atleast once in your lifetime.

2. Kamla Nagar
Kamla Nagar is the place where all the DU North Campus students head to score bhang. Every other paan shop in Kamla Nagar acquires impressive sourcing abilities during Holi, so ask any paan vala and he will guide you the place where you can get bhang.

3. Greater Kailash
You can easily find bhang in M Block market, Greater Kailash. There's a famous paan shop that stocks the stuff.

4. Paharganj
This place is famous for these type of stuffs so ask around for sellers and don't be surprised if the sellers come asking you if you'd like to buy.

5. Noida Sector 15
Theka Bhang, Thekha Wali Gali, Noida Sector 15, Noida - 201301, Near Sai Mandir. Ask locals for directions.
Phone number: +91-9718669971

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